When should pre-emergence fertilizer be used?

Pre-emergence fertilizers are the useful chemical tools that help you to manage weeds before they can occupy the precious space in your lawn. It is very unfortunate that some times you find your lawn has become soggy with weeds, though you are providing your best efforts to have a control of the growing of weeds.

There are a number of ways to control the invasion of the weeds in your beautiful turf, but the best way to get rid out of them is to use pre-emergence fertilizers.

These are basically fertilizers containing nitrogen and weed controlling herbicides.

Pre-emergence fertilizers can be used to control the growth of the crabgrass, dandelions and other annoying weeds. If you use Pre emergence fertilizer you are only nourishing your lawn with a balanced and all-natural fertilizer.

Pre emergence fertilizers are easy to apply and are timesaving. Pre-emergence fertilizer reduces the germination of dandelions and crabgrass from emerging.

If you use this fertilizer right after its application your kids and pets van lie down in the lawn. It has no harmful effect on human beings and on other animals.

It provides nitrogen and other nutrients that the grass needs for its overall growth and makes the grass roots strong.

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