What is the difference between an electric heater and a gas heater? And which one is better?

People use both electric heaters as well as gas heaters in order to heat water. But there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages of the electric heater and the gas heater. Most people prefer electricity to the rest. This is due to the fact that electricity is the most affordable choice of people, and it is readily available. In most of the cities and villages electricity has already reached.

But there is another factor that should be considered. When you consume electricity to heat a tank full of water, you shall be amazed to know that has heater would do the needful within short interval of time, with lesser amount of fuel and with greater efficiency than the former. Natural gases are easily available and people using natural gas like petrol, diesel and even kerosene have understood that using natural gas is the best option for heating water.

But natural gases cannot be conveniently delivered because they are heavy and any pipeline would not carry them to distance rooftops. Therefore, people living in top stories of the house prefer electricity to the rest of gas heaters that may heat their tank of water. But then, gas is cheaper and if you can use it, never ignore the possibility.

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