What are the draw backs of using fertilizers?

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All types of nutrients can be synthesized by the plant, but the inorganic fertilizers often prove harmful for the end users like animals and human beings. Although the plant does not necessarily recognize the difference between the chemical and an ordinary fertilizer, the chemical fertilizers are extremely harmful for the human body. This is because of the fact that the soil in which the fertilizer is applied can easily distinguish between the natural and the artificial fertilizers. There is an age old saying that “Feed the soil, not the plant”; and if you cannot really take care of the soil, then the ultimate loss will be yours.

The drawbacks of the artificial fertilizers are the following:

  • They reduce the overall quality of the soil. Thereby, the next crop would not be of the same superior standard.
  • The organic fertilizers are expensive. But the inorganic fertilizers are extremely harmful for the body.
  • All diseases related to stomach arise from consumption of these unnatural fertilizers.
  • Even, nervous disorders, potential brain diseases are caused by consumption of artificial fertilizers the farmers use nowadays.
  • If you want your soil to retain its water holding capacity and its natural nutrient quotient, then it would be the best to rely on organic fertilizers.
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