Recipes low calorie

Make Your Recipes low calorie with this guide.

Eating healthy is a primary step towards good health. Healthy food includes a balanced diet which provides all the essential nutrients that the human body requires. For those people suffering from high cholesterol or looking forward to burning that extra flab off their body, a low calorie diet is mandatory complemented with suitable exercise. They can also have secondary effects such as protection of the heart against future problems such as angina or congestion.


In a typical low calorie recipe, we usually find ingredients like leafy vegetables, high fiber food items, fruits, whole wheat products etc. “Going Green” is the key to kick start your low calorie diet although meat lovers can still indulge in certain types of fish like tuna and even chicken without causing much harm to their diet.


Red meat and dairy products are always exempted from the ingredients of a low calorie recipe. Some dieticians prescribe low fat milk and its products depending on the requirement of the patient. Also, we must try to avoid excessive drinking.


One should keep in mind that recipes low calorie involve cooking methods like steaming, boiling, sautéing, grilling, braising and never involves methods such as deep or shallow frying. With the innumerable low calorie recipes available today one can have a complete low calorie three course meal.


Appetizers and starters are usually soups containing meat or vegetables, pickled tidbits and low calorie dips and bread spreads. Such appetizers are both tasty and healthy. A salad consisting of leafy vegetables is probably the simplest recipes low calorie available.


Make the salad more scrumptious by adding pasta or grated chicken to it. For the main course one can opt for sautéed vegetables, grilled or roasted meat like tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey. Rice is usually avoided due to its starch content; instead whole wheat products should be encouraged.

Today even low calorie recipes for desserts are available. One can enjoy themselves while eating low calorie soufflés, strudels and even cakes. Even drinks with crushed ice and flavoring or fruit juices like carrot and tomato can be consumed while keeping track of the amount of sugar used in them.

Recipes low calorie

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