List principles of garden design

A Complete List principles of garden design

For any garden enthusiast, designing an attractive garden is a pleasurable activity. They are always on the lookout for tips on how to create a wonderful garden.


If you require a pleasant garden space in your home then you require following eight basic list principles of garden design. Any gardener planning to create a beautiful and aesthetic outdoor space in their garden should follow this list of principles of garden design.


They are proportion, balance, simplicity, rhythm, unity, repetition, transition and focalization. They need to use elements of art that are tools required to design their garden keeping in mind color, scale, from, line and texture.


Gardeners can choose between formal and informal balance in garden design. Either, you can have symmetrical arrangement or asymmetrical arrangement of plants. Proportion is another garden principle that is important. Keep plants and trees that are proportionate to each other to enhance the look of the garden.


Have a variety of plants that have repetition. You can a similar species at one end of the garden and another at the other end.  Allow the transition of the plants to be smooth where there are no sudden changes in color, texture height of the plants.


Allow your garden to retain its simplicity by adhering to a design that is pleasing yet simple to the eye. For unity, you can follow a particular theme or color in your entire landscape to create a unique design, according to list principles of garden design.


Use different color schemes that will bring rhythm in your landscape design. Change the line and form of the design to make the garden look pleasant and enticing. Add an attractive feature to your garden to catch the focus of your visitors.


You can have beautiful fountain or rock garden in your garden that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Any gardener is free to use any of these principles of garden design according to their creativity. Learn to experiment in the garden using this list principles garden design and create a unique garden that will make you proud. 

List principles of garden design

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