What is the best way to kill weeds in your garden?

There are various methods of removing the lawn weeds that grows extensively in the garden. The ideal way to remove the unnecessary weeds is to cut down them down. But often it is seen that the weeds have a deep penetrating roots. They cannot be easily killed if they are just removed. In some cases, when tilling does not solve the problem, you need to control the growth of lawn weeds by applying chemicals. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide and is an efficient method of killing grass and weeds.

Some other non selective herbicides are Round-up, Honcho, Ranger-Pro and Gramoxone.

They help to eliminate the weeds and grass of the soil. But the main disadvantage of this process of spraying is that, often the soil looses its fertility and becomes sterile when the fertilizer is used. In order to make up for the loss, one should apply an amount of compost tea, either wet or dry to the soil. This should be done after few days when you actually apply the chemical. The soil regains its fertility when you apply the decomposed tea. The lost microbes are also regained by the soil. They help the growth of new plants.

Some people however prefer to spray black neoprene to the soil if there is any growth of weeds. But that is however not a very good option.[tags]kill garden weeds,kill weeds in garden,how to kill garden weeds,how to kill weeds in garden,kill weeds in vegetable garden,kill weeds in flower garden,kill weeds in the garden,lawn weeds[/tags]

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