How To Paint A Living Room

Part 2 Of The Article On How To Paint A Room

4) Start by high:

Always starts with the roof, because if one falls drop of paint on the walls, these are taparán to be painted. The paint on the ceilings applied with a roller and an extension to make it long enough and comfortable for the person who paints. The angles and the areas closest to the walls are painted with a brush. There are several types of rollers (wool or synthetic hair short to smooth walls and wool or synthetics with long hair to the walls with gotéele), you also need a brush for the normal ceiling moldings and a brush with a rounded tip to the corners and angles. The first step is to paint the corners with a brush and the areas closest to the walls. If you have any filling or has plugged cracks, also passes the brush to avoid absorbing the painting and left after dark. The second step is the application of the paint roller, make sure you do not have excess paint must be drained and spread the paint evenly.

5) Continue with the walls:

In the same way he has painted the ceiling, then with the walls. Everything depends on the type of paint finish and you’ve decided to use. But for the implementation of this paint roller is made from top to bottom to get an even finish and perfect.

6) Finally doors and windows:

If the windows are made of wood and has jumped the painting or is there some kind of break, you can repair a product for timber arrangements (check with your ironmonger) and to apply a fixative before painting. If you’ve decided to paint the woodwork with the same paint the walls can do so while the walls. If the paint is a different color or brightness will be the last to be painted. If you removed the windows and door frames to begin with, but by the parties of wood between the frame and window, wait to dry thoroughly before continuing to be closed. The doors should be painted inside out, if they have first panels paint the panels to stop the vertical and horizontal straps. The windows must be masked so as not to stain glass. Do not leave the masking tape for a long time, but carried forward to withdraw part of the painting.

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