How To Grow Roses

Learn how to grow Roses in this 3 part article series

Approximately 200 botanical species of roses are native to the northern hemisphere, although we do not know the actual amount due to the existence of hybrid populations in the wild. Currently, commercial varieties are hybrids of rosa pink species disappeared. To cut flowers are the types of hybrid tea and floribunda to a lesser extent. The first show long stems and attractive flowers arranged individually or with some lateral buds, medium-sized or large and numerous petals that form a central cone visible. Floribunda roses presented flowers in clusters, some of which can be opened simultaneously.  The flowers are presented in a wide range of colors: red, white, pink, yellow, lavender, and so on. With varying nuances and shadows. They are cultivated with thorny stems and vertical.

The spread can be carried out by seeds, cuttings, grafting and sample pole bud grafting, although the latter is the most widely used at the commercial level. Reproduction by seed is limited to the development of new cultivars. The stakes are selected from floral pins to which it has allowed him to complete development of the flower to ensure that the outbreak producer of flowers is sort of true. Furthermore, no flower buds are less vigorous, so you have less reserves for rooting.

Stakes can be used with 1, 2 or 3 buds, depending on the availability of plant material, but are preferable in 3 egg yolks, since they have longer and more nodal tissue at the base, thus reducing losses due to diseases.

The basis of stakes immersed in a compound based on hormones prior to placement in a bank of spreading substrate with vermiculite or with similar properties, with a separation of 2,5-4,0 cm between plants and 7.5 cm between rows.

You must keep a proper humidity and temperature in the middle of 18-21 º C. Under these conditions the roots have room for 5-6 weeks, depending on the season and the nature of the rod. Later is the transplant to pots of 7.5 cm or directly to the greenhouse.

The problem with this system is that plants with root itself is quite small and require considerable time for the plant to grow enough to begin to collect flowers.

How To Grow Roses

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