How To Grow Roses From Seeds

Learn how to grow roses from seeds with this online guide

The sample pole of graft or graft English, is rarely used for commercial production of cut flower, as it also requires far too long. For the bud grafting is the most common pattern Rosa Manetti and, occasionally, R. odorata. New Zealand is used R. multiflora inermis and in colder areas such as Holland the R. canine. These are not always used for home gardening.

 The material for the patterns obtained from plants that have been treated with heat to the elimination of viruses and other diseases. In late September, cut the shoots of plants long pattern, they were removed and the thorns are immersed in a solution of sodium hypochlorite (1 / 3 of 1%) for 15 minutes. Cut into segments of 20-21 cm and the buds are removed from the stakes by removing all the buds below, leaving three at the high end. You can put these buds also in home and housewares like old pots and pans to nurture.

After treatment or disinfection of the soil is fertile background prior to the analysis of soil. The stems are treated with hormones and planted in rows separated to 122 cm, distance to 13 cm, from mid-November until mid-December, giving an irrigation immediately after planting.

The graft is usually done in mid-June, when there are already enough roots and the bark can be easily peel. Practiced an incision in the form of “T” to the depth of the cambium under the pattern of outbreaks. Is inserted between the flaps that form the “T” bud from the outbreak of a cultivar selected, ensuring a system of magnets above and below the bud.

After 3-4 weeks is cut approximately 1 / 3 of the pattern above the graft and break the tips, which will be eliminated 3 weeks later, when the patterns are extracted from the ground. The plants are cleaned and classified according to their quality (development of the root system, plant growth and so on.), Are packaged and stored in cold (0-2 º C) until they are transported to the flower grower from January to June.

The Netherlands used an alternative technique known as “stenting”, which consists of graft laterally in the desired cultivar of rootstock on a peg that is rooted through the normal methods of propagation.

With the cultivation of pink low greenhouse flower production is achieved in times and places where they otherwise would not be possible, getting the best prices. To that end, these greenhouses must meet minimum conditions: the transmission of light should be adequate, the height has to be substantial and ventilation in the hot months should be good.

In addition, we recommend heating during the winter, along with the installation of thermal blankets to conserve heat during the night. You can get products like these with best prices, then get more savings with coupons.

How To Grow Roses From Seeds

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