How To Grow Climbing Roses

Part 3 Of the Article On How To Grow Climbing Roses

For the cultivation of roses soil must be well drained and ventilated to prevent water logged, so the soil that do not meet these conditions should be improved in this respect, and may employ various organic materials. Rose tolerate acid soil, but the pH should be maintained at around 6. Not tolerate high levels of calcium, the chlorosis develop rapidly due to the excess of this element. Nor endure high levels of soluble salts, recommending no more than 0.15%.

Disinfection of soil can be carried out with heat or other treatment that meets the requirements of the crop. If fertilization performed background, a preliminary analysis of soil. The growth rate for most of the pink cultivars follows the curve of total light throughout the year. Thus, in the summer months, when prevailing high luminous intensity and long duration of the day, the flower production is highest during the winter months. However, despite being a plant of long days, is necessary or dark shades during the summer or even spring and autumn, depending on the weather of the place, as high luminous intensities are accompanied by an intense heat. The first application of the blackout should be light, so the change of light intensity is progressive.

They have been found in places with snow and cloudy days during the winter, it might be advantageous artificial lighting of roses, due to an increase in production, although they still need to study the economic aspects to determine the profitability.

 For most of the pink cultivars, optimal growth temperatures are 17 ° C to 25 º C with a minimum of 15 º C at night and a maximum of 28 degrees C during the day. Can be kept slightly lower or higher values for relatively short periods without the occurrence of serious damage, but a night temperature continuously below 15 degrees C slows the growth of the plant produces flowers with many petals and deformed, in the event that open. Excessively high temperatures also hurt production, flowers appear smaller than normal, with few petals and a warmer color.

How To Grow Climbing Roses

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