How To Care Cut Flowers – The Step By Step Guide


In order to care for cut flowers, there is a specific method that you can use to let them last as long as possible. Primarily the first thing you need to do is cut the flowers with a very sharp un-serrated knife, then immediately you need to put the flowers into water. Don’t wait drop them in immediately.

When cutting the flowers always make a cut on a slant as this will just expose more of the flowers stem surface area. Ensure that you don’t place leaves from the flowers in the water as this causes them to wilt quickly.

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NB – We were able to test roses twice, never remove the thorns from roses as they seem to wilt and die at a much faster rate.

Cut flowers in the morning, this is perfect when the plant has a lot of plant food stored and can at least last out the day. Also most fragrant flowers issue their fragrance in the morning.

The cut flower stem is has many cells that act like a suction to pull the water up similar to a straw. Once the cut flowers are immersed in water they will pull up the water and get a good amount of nutrients.

Here are a few great tips on caring for your cut flowers

  • When re-cutting cut the flower stems under water to ensure that air does not come up the stem.
  • Clean the vase vigorously lukewarm water.
  • Use plant food with your arrangement in your vase or bouquet and mix well with the water.
  • Use lemonade instead of water to give your cut flowers a much longer life.
  • Keep your cut flowers away from heat, it kills them quickly.
  • If the water gets stale it can kill the flowers quickly, change the water at least 4 times weekly.
  • Lightly spray your cut flowers to keep dust from resting on them.

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