How do you remove fertilizer from water?

Fertilizers are essential for the growth of plants. They provide nutrients and help the plants to be healthy so that they can blossom fully. However, if fertilizers are mixed in the water it is difficult to remove them. It is all the more difficult to segregate the fertilizer from water because the fertilizers and pesticides get dissolved in water. Even if you wish to put your hand inside the muddle and desire to grab them out you will be unsuccessful. You also cannot strain the fertilizer mixed in the water through a strainer.

If you use filters, a part of the fertilizer can be removed however you cannot retain all. There are different filters available in the market that removes different substances. So you have to first select the right filter that would sieve out the fertilizer from the mixture.
The only definite way to remove all of the fertilizer from water is to boil the mixture.

Then you have to send the steam through a condenser that turns it back to the state of water. In this process, all the fertilizers and other impurities suspended in the water are left in the cooking pot. These actually don’t rise with the water, when converted to steam. This process is an effective one but is a difficult solution for cleaning water in bulk. The process involves a lot of energy.

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