How do I clean hard water spots from my shower?

Hard water spots are a constant annoyance to everyone. And it’s really not easy to remove them. If you want to remove hard water spots there are a few tricks, tips and hints that we would like to offer. You can grab a product quite easily from right here on this blog or look for some viable alternatives like those suggested in this article. Not one wants to admit it, but sometimes those shower doors and tiles get covered by good old hard water stains. Now, you have twenty four hours until company arrives and you desperately need that shower cleaned. Try these tips and you should be stain free.

Notable ways to clean these stains begins with cleaners that can be found at any local store. Spray the doors and tile with solutions like CLR, Bonami, or KABOOM. Let the product sit for fifteen to twenty minutes and then scrub them clean very carefully with a towel. Depending on the intensity of your stains, you may have to apply it and scrub more than once.

If you’re interesting in trying a new solution, spray either rubbing alcohol or oven cleaner onto the surface and scrub clean. These may be items that are more readily available in your home. To help scour larger areas, use a BOUNCE dryer sheet and watch the areas begin to shine.

The most important thing to remember – regardless of your cleaning choice – is that once the surface is finally spotless; make small and constant endeavors to keep it that way. Wipe the doors down after every shower or invest in a squeegee. Get some other great cleaning agents to take care of stains, coffee spills, blood stains and other things that take very long to remove and at times really seem irremovable.

When washing clothes we do come across a lot of products that claim to work miracles but after they are bought is really nothing but a Luke warm remedy to the problem. We highly recommend that you use our products.

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