What is a geothermal heater

The water based geothermal system is known as regular geothermal. It had been utilized by ancient people using water for obtaining the required heating or cooling effect by passing heated water through pipelines in an enclosed room. It is an effective means of acquiring the required temperature. Here, double transfer of heat takes place. Once the pipe is heated and the next time, that heat is transferred via water to the other end of the pipeline.

Direct geothermal or DX Geothermal system refers to the heat that is generated by the earth. Earth is considered as an energy reservoir and below 4 feet from the surface of the earth the temperature remains constant, 55°F. Copper tubes carrying some refrigerating substance are made to circulate throughout the house. The other end of these copper tubes runs underground. From there, it collects heat and transfers it to the room.

The basic difference between the regular geothermal system and the direct geothermal system is the fact that in a regular geothermal system a large amount of heat is lost. While in a direct geothermal system, such is not the case. In the ancient days, people knew the process of using heated water to obtain the required temperature.

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