Garden Slug Control

Garden Slug ControlThere are several ways that you can use to eliminate garden slugs. Slugs eat almost any plant and if not checked can lay siege to a once beautiful garden. Most gardeners struggle to keep the slug population down with expensive poisons for garden slug control. However we would like to reveal the simple methods of controlling garden slugs with home remedies.

Alcoholic Beverages – (Beers)

The yeast, barley and wheat attract the slugs with its pungent smell and is a perfect way to set the slug trap. Dig two holes in the center of the garden and place two plastic cups in the holes, fill both cups to ½ with the beer. Leave it and the slugs will come and drop in and can’t get out. They will pile up on each other and all you have to do is to dig up the cup and throw it away.

Cornmeal (Poison)

A less attractive way, this is due to the fact that if you have a lot of slugs infesting your garden they might all die at once and leave a terrible smell or really deface your garden leaving you to pick them up. All you need to do is place 3 tablespoons of cornmeal in a plastic cup lay side ways on the garden floor. The slugs will go in, eat the cornmeal and it will poison them.

Garden Poisons

These are poisons that you get at your garden store. These attract slugs and when they consume them they die. A very potent way to eliminate your slug problem. However these poisons can be harmful to animals and children. So if you have pets and children that play in or around your garden you should try to use more natural remedies.
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Possibly the best way to deal with garden slugs are with deterrents. These discourage a healthy garden slug population and are excellent for garden slug control. Some of these deterrents are home based:

Spread salt around pot, the slugs will absorb the salt and dry up; this however should not be used on garden soil. Excess salt can kill some plants so sprinkle the salt around a pot and not on garden soil.

Ground coffee beans and crushed egg shells provide nutrients to the plant while deterring the garden slug. It is a great way to control them from eating up all your plants but it will not eliminate the problem.

Copper strips shock away garden slugs. The copper strip reacts with the slime from snails and or slugs and dries them up instantly.

Sand around plants is also a good natural deterrent of garden slugs. Slugs cannot slime over sand and this can cut open there membranes and kill them instantly if they venture to go over it. Most gardens have been slug and snail free since using these simple and convenient methods to affect garden slug control.

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