Functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden

Functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden

You have just moved into this lovely home with a small garden in the backyard. You wonder Why not a small vegetable garden? A small vegetable garden has numerous advantages. You can save money growing your own veggies and you know what goes into growing them. No worry about chemicals that cause harm. You have great tasting vegetables that are fresh from your very own garden.


Planting a vegetable garden in your backyard is a great experience. If you are new to planting a vegetable garden then you need to follow functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden. These are basic functional requirements that need to be met.  If your garden is well designed, it not only looks gorgeous but is functional as well.


Plan your garden in your mind. Decide the size of your garden and plan it accordingly. If it is too difficult to visualize your garden, put it on paper. Prepare and use small beds for your vegetables for better maintenance.  Keep your garden small as maintaining a big garden can be tiresome and demanding. Smaller pots and containers for growing various types of vegetables can be used.


Allow enough space in between the beds for easy movement so you can water and take care of your plants. For growing root crops, have the beds raised to help keep the looser soil intact. Use sheeting on the pathway to keep weeds from growing. Use of containers for growing vegetables allows for easy movement in the garden. You can change their location.


Grow different flowering plant varieties in your vegetable garden to make it look colorful and attractive. Choose the vegetables you want to plant in your garden according to the needs of your family. Plan and design your garden with care so you need for maintenance is reduced.

Functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden

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