Drip system for flower gardens

Drip system for flower gardens – The Guide

Drip irrigation involves using tubing and plastic pipes with the help of which there is a slow distribution of water. The pressure and flow rate is relatively low as you water the garden. This system of irrigation saves on water and is easy to use in areas which are narrow and shaped odd. It is easy to water plants that are hanging with the drip system for flower gardens.

In fact, the drip system may be exempt from drought time restrictions on water usage too due to its efficient usage of the amount of water. Installing this system in your flower garden is relatively easy to. You can even do it yourself with the help of required parts like tubing, fittings, emitters, pipe and parts.

You also need controllers and all these can be found at your local home improvement stores. You can buy them as a set in a packaged unit or even as individual parts as per your requirement.

Most of the shops selling garden equipments sell drip irrigation system parts now. Over spraying of water is minimal in the drip system as compared to the sprinkler system. Studies have shown that while the sprinkler system comes with an efficiency rate of fifty to seventy percent, the drip system for flower gardens has an efficiency of ninety percent.

Drip system is the best irrigation system for the flower gardens because due to the lesser flow of water, damage to the flowers is minimized. Watering flowering plants with a lot of force tends to spoil and damage the petals. With the drip system for flower gardens, this problem is eradicated. Flowers are protected and continue to bloom with pride.

Another advantage of the drip irrigation system is that balance between water and air in the soil is maintained in a proper manner around the roots of the plants. Supply of water is in the perfect quantity and damage due to excess water is minimized. Soil is kept moist always and is not excessively wet.

A lot of gardens growing commercial fruits, flowers and vegetables use this system now. In fact, the drip system of irrigation started out for commercial use. It has now been suitably modified and made adaptable for residential purpose too.

Drip system for flower gardens

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