Compost Fertilizer

Compost is one of the best soil amendments and mulches of nature, and can be used in place of commercial fertilizers. According to some people, compost is simply a bunch of manure. Compost is defined as a concoction of rotten organic matter that is used to augment the structure of soil and supply nutrients. It is generally created when food and yard waste decomposes. Some advantages of composting are: It is very easy to produce, very cheap, it improves the texture and aeration of the soil, it improves the soil’s water holding capacity, and enhances healthy root development.

Compost can be made from all organic materials including insects, worms, fungi and bacteria. These organisms break down to produce rich substance necessary for your garden. Compost just occurs naturally without any aid from man. However, man has discovered how to accelerate the method of compost formation. By mingling the right amount of browns (shredded newspapers, hay, leaves, etc) and the right amount of greens (food waste, coffee grinds, grass clippings, etc) and keeping the mound well aerated you will be able to make compost much faster than nature. Some common type of compost includes worm compost, spent mushroom compost, leaf mold, humus, compost tea and compost coffee.

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