Clean A Refrigerator

Cleaning A Refrigerator

Give your refrigerator space: Install the refrigerator in a ventilated place, at a distance from the wall, 10 centimeters at least. Do not fall in closed cubicles or furniture. The back of the grid refrigerator should be kept ventilated. Do not use the back to dry cloths, clothing or shoes, this leads to an increase in electricity consumption.

Put your refrigerator away from other artifacts: The refrigerator should be placed away from devices that produce heat as electric cookers, gas or firewood, far from electric ovens, microwave, and windows where the sun’s rays fall.

Check the packaging of your refrigerator: Check that the packaging of the door is in good condition. To do this, use a paper with soap refrigerator. If it is held without slipping, gaskets are good, if the paper does not hold or be removed without causing friction because the packaging is not well sealed, or the door is badly aligned. Repeat the test at various points of the pack separated about 30 centimeters from each other.

Keep it clean inside and out: Clean the rear of the refrigerator at least three times a year this will produce a saving of electricity because the accumulation of dust reduces the performance of the refrigerator electricity consumption.

Thaw frequently: Unplug the refrigerator where the freezer has a layer of frost 6 millimeters thick. The icing acts as a thermal insulator and produces more electricity consumption.

Use the temperature control: The cooling capacity of refrigerators is regulated by a temperature control, use low levels of cooling and increase the level in the days hotter. A very high adjustment involves a larger work of the compressor and therefore a higher consumption of electricity. When you leave for several days, leave the refrigerator disconnected and clean, with the door open for not forming fungi and bacteria.  Do not leave open the refrigerator: Do not open the refrigerator without, or for periods longer than 10 seconds. Before cooking, think about what products and remove it from chilled deal once.

Refrigerate only what is necessary: Do not refrigerate products that can be maintained at room temperature or that will be consumed soon after purchased. For example, long-life milk, sauces, mayonnaise, meats, fish or vegetables that will be consumed in less than two hours after its purchase.

Keep the freezer full: Keep your freezer as full as possible, because frozen foods help keep the cold. If at a given moment do not have enough food to put in the freezer, fill some containers with water, Cover and enter into it.

Tape containers with liquids: Store liquids in containers with lids that do not lead to moisture, since it tends to be deposited in the freezer in the form of frost.

Use Plastic Bags: Remove the food they have bags of thick paper and place them in plastic bags slim. The vegetables with high water content and shelled fruits must be put into bags thin. It is recommended not clean them and keep them for long time.

Do not push hot meals in the refrigerator: The food must cool to room temperature first.

Use a cooler of adequate size: The refrigerator should be able to exact needs of his family. At the time of purchase, choose the ideal size, as larger, higher electricity consumption.

The frost refrigerators that do not consume more electricity than normal, because they generally have such a small resistance in the freezer, which is permanently connected to remove frost.
Cleaning A refrigerator

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