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Home Garden Fine Tools

Home Garden Fine Tools

Are you one of the gardening enthusiasts? Do you have a lovely garden in your home? Then you must be using home garden fine tools to maintain and develop your garden. Garden tools are indispensable accessories which a gardener cannot do without.


A variety of tools are now available for various purposes. For example you get a particular tool for weeding, one for cutting, one for trimming, one for digging, etc. If you have a well maintained garden, then you must have a complete set of tools for your garden.


Using tools for gardening makes the job very simple. For example, plant feeders are excellent tools with the help of which you can feed water in a controlled manner to the plants. This prevents over feeding them with water.


Draw hoes, trays, scissors, etc are some of the important home garden fine tools. In order to harvest plants like foxgloves, you can use the draw hoe to take them out and sow them in the trays.


Good quality tools are gardener’s delight. You can find excellent gardening tools in any of your neighboring shops selling gardening stuff. Alternately, you can browse online. You will find a host of sites selling home garden fine tools of good quality.


All you need to do is to choose them and place an order. They will be delivered at your doorstep. But you must ensure that the company you buy from is reliable and has good reviews from customers.

Garden tools are any tool that can be used in the practice of gardening, which is related to the practices of agriculture and horticulture. Gardening tools are a necessity if you want to be a successful gardener.

Home gardening is fun. You can enjoy growing numerous varieties of flowers, vegetables and even fruits if you have enough space in your backyard. With the right kind of tools, you can create a virtual heaven around your home.

Home Garden Fine Tools

Winter flower garden plants

Learn about Winter flower garden plants.

Most of the gardeners feel gloomy in the long cold winter, as he misses the warm sunshine, fragrance of flowers and the lush growth of plants. However, winter flower garden plants are available and you can satisfy your passion for flower.


Orchids are special flowers that can manage the lengthy chilling periods in winter. They bloom elegantly in winter and so you can plant them in your garden. Spring flowering bulbs like hyacinths, crocus, tulips, daffodils and snowdrops can bloom in winter season but you need to plant them before 2 or 3 months to winter, preferably in the month of October.


There are yet some other winter flower garden plants that can bloom exquisitely in the cold weathers. Camellia is one among them that produces pink, white and red blossoms throughout the winter and even in early spring. The plant thrives well in extremely chill climates and its flowering period is usually measured in months and not in days.


Christmas cactus gives fabulous flowers in the winter months in various colors like white, cherry pink and bright fuschia. The plant however requires some day treatment to set buds. Clivia offers bold orange or yellow blooms and it requires a cool dry period in fall to bloom better.


Hellebore is one of the winter flower garden plants and is more popular for producing weatherproof flowers. The most common form of hellebores is helleborus X hybridus and it is an attractive flora. It comes in greenish or pure white color with spotted pinks. This variety though expensive is worth to spend.


Some other plants produce few blooms in winter. Geraniums are one among them and it bears pleasant fragrance. Geraniums surely lift your mood instantly. It does not require much care like other winter flower garden plants. Vilas and miniature roses can give flowers in winter season. However, these plants require some supplemental lighting to bloom well. 

Winter flower garden plants

house mansion with beautiful garden

Tips and hints on getting a house mansion with beautiful garden

Looking for information on better homes and garden? Then you have come to the right place. All of us have always wanted to be in a house mansion with beautiful garden. It’s not always that each of us can buy a piece of land and have our dream home built on it with a garden that’ the envy of our neighbor’s eyes. There are other great options when it comes to having better homes and garden.


You can buy up an existing home, which has come up for sale, and then make all the required renovations and repairs. With foreclosures happening rapidly across the country and with many desperate homeowners wanting to sell their homes at low prices so they can take care of their immediate financial concerns, the home market is flush with homes that are going very cheap.  


Locate that dream home of yours; buy it if you have enough money as savings. You can then apply for home improvement homes to be in a house mansion with beautiful garden.


If you already own a home and plan to make repairs and renovations then consider availing of a home improvement loan now so that you can be the proud owner of a better home and garden that is going to perk up the value of your house when the next cycle of price increase starts to take place.


You can have your garden redone to include that beautiful frog pond you have always wanted. Have a nice walkway made with paved stones so your garden looks beautiful. Home improvement loans are cheap now and it is the best time for anyone considering making renovations to their homes to avail of these loans so they have better homes and garden.  


The internet is full of ideas to make better homes and garden and all that you are required to do is look for information. You will be surprised at the numerous fascinating ideas that have been put forward by many other homeowners you can make use of to be a house mansion with beautiful garden now.

house mansion with beautiful garden

Design Your Dream

Learn how to design your dream garden for your home.

Better homes and gardening lets you design your dream garden easily and quickly. You can gather lot of information about various plants, trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. The plant finder is one of the amazing links that help you find the best plants that suit your landscape. You can grow the best bulbs that can give a beautiful appearance to your garden as you can learn more details about them.


You can use better homes and gardening to get ample information about plants. You can find perfect plants that suit every corner of your garden. You can get free garden plans that help you create a wonderful garden. You can create container gardens, fragrant garden, colorful garden, edible gardens or easiest gardens with the help of Better homes. Since you can get complete instructions, you are able to install the garden without any difficulty.


You can get enough tips to plan a garden online easily. The online tools let you design any type of garden ranging from small container garden to big garden in the whole yard. You can simply use the mouse to add more trees, flowers, shrubs and plants to your virtual garden. You can even add building structures, fences, garden statues, and a pond in the garden.


Better homes and gardening helps you know how to get rid of pests and other problems. You can solve your entire garden problem and can save your plants from deer, rabbits, insects, pests and weeds. You can learn how to remove weeds from the garden easily. Since you are able to safeguard your plants from diseases, you can grow a healthy garden.


Houseplants are easy to grow and require low maintenance. Better homes offer you a plethora of details that are provided by gardening experts. It is therefore possible for you to take care of your houseplants and keep them healthy all over the year. Flowering houseplants can bring charm and elegant look to your home. You can plan for growing them with the help of Better homes.

Design Plans

Discover How To Create Garden Design Plans

You have some extra cash stashed away and you have been wise to quit the stock markets when they were rolling on a high and made yourself a tidy sum. With many beautiful homes coming up for sale all over the country, you think of making a good deal and decide it’s time you went house hunting for that dream house.  Prices of homes have dropped from their peak level. You can now choose and pick up a home easily. Garden design plans will be very important going forward.


Having picked up that dream home of yours you now consider making changes so you have a better home and gardens that you have always wanted. Crawl through the web and you will come across numerous websites that cater to better homes and gardens where you are sure to get useful ideas.  You can also make enquiries with many companies listed online for their various services that include providing floor designs and house designs to modify any type of home. Choose form a range of house designs that can turn your property into the Traditional, contemporary, European or southern home with modifications in the architecture. You can build a cottage, bungalow or anything along with a garden using their ideas and plans. 


Most of these websites for better home and gardens have software programs that need no download and are very interactive. Use their online virtual decorator to redecorate your home or plan your garden. Imagine the amount of time and money you are going to save planning that better home and garden you have always wanted. With easy to use tolls that are handy, any one with a little flair can go about creating their home and garden on the web. You can make all the modifications for your home and garden on the webpage itself.


You can always source information from as many websites as possible so you can compare prices and services. You will also get better ideas. There are many do it your self articles on the internet which you can use for a better home and gardens.

Functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden

Functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden

You have just moved into this lovely home with a small garden in the backyard. You wonder Why not a small vegetable garden? A small vegetable garden has numerous advantages. You can save money growing your own veggies and you know what goes into growing them. No worry about chemicals that cause harm. You have great tasting vegetables that are fresh from your very own garden.


Planting a vegetable garden in your backyard is a great experience. If you are new to planting a vegetable garden then you need to follow functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden. These are basic functional requirements that need to be met.  If your garden is well designed, it not only looks gorgeous but is functional as well.


Plan your garden in your mind. Decide the size of your garden and plan it accordingly. If it is too difficult to visualize your garden, put it on paper. Prepare and use small beds for your vegetables for better maintenance.  Keep your garden small as maintaining a big garden can be tiresome and demanding. Smaller pots and containers for growing various types of vegetables can be used.


Allow enough space in between the beds for easy movement so you can water and take care of your plants. For growing root crops, have the beds raised to help keep the looser soil intact. Use sheeting on the pathway to keep weeds from growing. Use of containers for growing vegetables allows for easy movement in the garden. You can change their location.


Grow different flowering plant varieties in your vegetable garden to make it look colorful and attractive. Choose the vegetables you want to plant in your garden according to the needs of your family. Plan and design your garden with care so you need for maintenance is reduced.

Functional requirements for planting a vegetable garden

List principles of garden design

A Complete List principles of garden design

For any garden enthusiast, designing an attractive garden is a pleasurable activity. They are always on the lookout for tips on how to create a wonderful garden.


If you require a pleasant garden space in your home then you require following eight basic list principles of garden design. Any gardener planning to create a beautiful and aesthetic outdoor space in their garden should follow this list of principles of garden design.


They are proportion, balance, simplicity, rhythm, unity, repetition, transition and focalization. They need to use elements of art that are tools required to design their garden keeping in mind color, scale, from, line and texture.


Gardeners can choose between formal and informal balance in garden design. Either, you can have symmetrical arrangement or asymmetrical arrangement of plants. Proportion is another garden principle that is important. Keep plants and trees that are proportionate to each other to enhance the look of the garden.


Have a variety of plants that have repetition. You can a similar species at one end of the garden and another at the other end.  Allow the transition of the plants to be smooth where there are no sudden changes in color, texture height of the plants.


Allow your garden to retain its simplicity by adhering to a design that is pleasing yet simple to the eye. For unity, you can follow a particular theme or color in your entire landscape to create a unique design, according to list principles of garden design.


Use different color schemes that will bring rhythm in your landscape design. Change the line and form of the design to make the garden look pleasant and enticing. Add an attractive feature to your garden to catch the focus of your visitors.


You can have beautiful fountain or rock garden in your garden that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Any gardener is free to use any of these principles of garden design according to their creativity. Learn to experiment in the garden using this list principles garden design and create a unique garden that will make you proud. 

List principles of garden design

How To Care Cut Flowers – The Step By Step Guide


In order to care for cut flowers, there is a specific method that you can use to let them last as long as possible. Primarily the first thing you need to do is cut the flowers with a very sharp un-serrated knife, then immediately you need to put the flowers into water. Don’t wait drop them in immediately.

When cutting the flowers always make a cut on a slant as this will just expose more of the flowers stem surface area. Ensure that you don’t place leaves from the flowers in the water as this causes them to wilt quickly.

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NB – We were able to test roses twice, never remove the thorns from roses as they seem to wilt and die at a much faster rate.

Cut flowers in the morning, this is perfect when the plant has a lot of plant food stored and can at least last out the day. Also most fragrant flowers issue their fragrance in the morning.

The cut flower stem is has many cells that act like a suction to pull the water up similar to a straw. Once the cut flowers are immersed in water they will pull up the water and get a good amount of nutrients.

Here are a few great tips on caring for your cut flowers

  • When re-cutting cut the flower stems under water to ensure that air does not come up the stem.
  • Clean the vase vigorously lukewarm water.
  • Use plant food with your arrangement in your vase or bouquet and mix well with the water.
  • Use lemonade instead of water to give your cut flowers a much longer life.
  • Keep your cut flowers away from heat, it kills them quickly.
  • If the water gets stale it can kill the flowers quickly, change the water at least 4 times weekly.
  • Lightly spray your cut flowers to keep dust from resting on them.

Watch these gardening videos

The Best Lawn Mower On The Planet!

The perfect lawn mower is out there and we looked on a wide range of them. Your lawn mower should be able to be less noisy, easy on the hands, should not scatter grass all over the place, should be strong and sturdy and just make cutting your lawn an enjoyable and delightful exercise. There are a wide range of brands we looked at, these included , ARIENS, BOB-CAT, CRAFTSMAN, CUB CADET, DIXON, EXMARK, FERRIS, GRASSHOPPER, GRAVELY, HONDA, HUSQVARNA, JOHN DEERE, KUBOTA, LAWN BOY, MTD, MURRAY, SCAG, SCOTTS, SIMPLICITY, SNAPPER, SWISHER, TORO, WALKER, YARDMAN and the YAZOO.

Of the lot here are the best we could find…have a look at them.


Whether its just keeping your lawn in good shape or if you have not trimmed your lawn in years these lawn mowers are just simply the best on the market. A lawn mower is no good if you are not watering your lawn. We found the best lawn hose and garden hose too.

Browse and have a look at them!


Garden Slug Control

Garden Slug ControlThere are several ways that you can use to eliminate garden slugs. Slugs eat almost any plant and if not checked can lay siege to a once beautiful garden. Most gardeners struggle to keep the slug population down with expensive poisons for garden slug control. However we would like to reveal the simple methods of controlling garden slugs with home remedies.

Alcoholic Beverages – (Beers)

The yeast, barley and wheat attract the slugs with its pungent smell and is a perfect way to set the slug trap. Dig two holes in the center of the garden and place two plastic cups in the holes, fill both cups to ½ with the beer. Leave it and the slugs will come and drop in and can’t get out. They will pile up on each other and all you have to do is to dig up the cup and throw it away.

Cornmeal (Poison)

A less attractive way, this is due to the fact that if you have a lot of slugs infesting your garden they might all die at once and leave a terrible smell or really deface your garden leaving you to pick them up. All you need to do is place 3 tablespoons of cornmeal in a plastic cup lay side ways on the garden floor. The slugs will go in, eat the cornmeal and it will poison them.

Garden Poisons

These are poisons that you get at your garden store. These attract slugs and when they consume them they die. A very potent way to eliminate your slug problem. However these poisons can be harmful to animals and children. So if you have pets and children that play in or around your garden you should try to use more natural remedies.
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Possibly the best way to deal with garden slugs are with deterrents. These discourage a healthy garden slug population and are excellent for garden slug control. Some of these deterrents are home based:

Spread salt around pot, the slugs will absorb the salt and dry up; this however should not be used on garden soil. Excess salt can kill some plants so sprinkle the salt around a pot and not on garden soil.

Ground coffee beans and crushed egg shells provide nutrients to the plant while deterring the garden slug. It is a great way to control them from eating up all your plants but it will not eliminate the problem.

Copper strips shock away garden slugs. The copper strip reacts with the slime from snails and or slugs and dries them up instantly.

Sand around plants is also a good natural deterrent of garden slugs. Slugs cannot slime over sand and this can cut open there membranes and kill them instantly if they venture to go over it. Most gardens have been slug and snail free since using these simple and convenient methods to affect garden slug control.

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