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Bedroom Furniture Feng Shui

To ensure a harmonious and happy couple, the decoration of the bedrooms must ensure the proper location of the bed. This is crucial to choosing proper bedroom furniture. According to feng sui there are good and bad positions and you need to know certain “taboos” that even affect dreams.

1. Never place the head of the bed near the door of the bedroom. This affects sleep. If the bed is “floating” rather than against a wall, the negativity will be intense. The relationship of a couple sleeping in this position is destabilizing.

2. Do not let the door open directly onto the bed, if there is another door on the other side of the bed, the problem may be even greater. To fix this put a divider, as a screen between the bed and the door.

3. Do not place the bed in front of the entrance of a room, so that the head or feet pointing directly towards the entrance. This has caused many situations that have resulted in an overly aggressive chi. Also, when one’s head is pointing directly at the door, it is said that this is the position of “death.”

Decorating Kids Bedrooms

4. Do not place the bed directly below an exposed beam, because it drains the energy of those who sleep under it. Exposed beams can cause severe problems in a society or a marriage. The best remedy for this according to experts in decoration of rooms, is to install an artificial ceiling plaster to hide the full beams.

Knowning the taboos, the question arises: Where do you put the bed, then?

Take the appropriate location is diagonally opposite the door, located so that the direction of the dream corresponds with good directions to each individual. Also important in the decoration of rooms, make sure that the entrance of the room is visible from the bed. Another element to take into account is the bedroom mirror, the subject is widely discussed in the decoration of the room.

The mirrors in the bedroom should be directly opposite the bed and are the main cause of the negative energy of the marriages. The larger the mirror, the greater the damage. Not recommended are mirrors on every wall, and neither on the ceiling, because they reflect negative waves. The best in a dorm is completely out. Otherwise, the best position for them is on the wall, who is the head of the bed. A curious fact, to ensure the correct location is that when you wake up, the person was not reflected in the mirror.

It is not good, that there are dried flowers or dead green plants in the bedroom. Both plants and flowers, belong to the element wood and yang energy, this means it is certainly not recommended in a bedroom. Therefore avoid, hanging plants or flowers placed in a room that used to rest or sleep in. But what it is good are floral motifs, either a curtain or wallpaper of the bedroom. Yet, do not use images very large in size.

We hope our tips for decorating the bedroom feng shui have been helpful. We wish you a peaceful and harmonious rest. Surely you already started to do so.