Biofilm Bacteria – How To Clean

Stop Biofilm formation and remove or clean biofilm bacteria

To begin to form a biofilm, dirt and micro-organisms must have a physical contact. Subsequently has passed a sufficient time for the bacteria multiply and form an agglomerate microscopic. Therefore, cleaning often and properly, there is no time for bacteria to multiply.

To ensure the elimination of biofilms is advisable to use cleaning products with a capacity of dissolution. This should include a proper cleaning rubbed intense, as the mixture of a good product along with the mechanical movement and pressure, accelerate the solubilization of biofilm.

It is precisely the greater or lesser capacity of dissolution that determines when a product is more or less adequate to remove the dirt. The best example is in the water we use to remove dirt, thanks to its ability to dissolution. When water is unable to dissolve certain molecules, we add products to achieve that end.

As what is involved here is to dissolve remnants of carbohydrates and minerals, water use is usually enough. The complication arises with fats, insoluble in water. It is for them, and for much of the protein, to use detergents more or less specific.

In the case of proteins must be borne in mind that denature (lose their three-dimensional structure) with the heat, which complicates their redisoluciĆ³n. It is therefore recommended cleaning solvents used in cold and no acid for disposal.

The use of acid, on the contrary, although it can help dissolve the fouling of calcium and other minerals, usually associated with water and that accumulate on surfaces for drying of drinking water, could hardly drag in the dirt most consistent and persistent.

In any case, we must remember that many micro-organisms survive better in the presence of fat, better tolerate the action of disinfectants. The addition of a detergent will facilitate the cleaning process, especially as it may permit the removal of fat.

Biofilm Bacteria

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